April 29, 2011

Why Marriage

In islam unlike other religions like christianism , marriage is requested , RASSUL ALLAH SALLA ALLAHU ALEIHI W SALLAM said " there is no celibacy in islam" n there is hadith when 3 men decided to serve ALLAH , ne of them decided not to marry so RASSUL ALLAH SALLA ALLAH ALEIHI W SALLAM said that he married n those who refused this r not from him .
if w consider marriage in its religious context , ALLAH subhanahu w taala created male n female to b close n to populate earth n achieve ALLAH's message . n HE SUBHANAHU W TAALA made it as a sign of HIM " we min ayaatihi"
in behaviour context , marriage is a protection from bad evils in society .it's to do what ALLAH created in us in its legal way as sis aya mentionned , JAAZAHA ALLAH khairan .
marriage , in its social context , is a contract to build a family which is the first condition for a survival of societies  n it's a way to create new relation between families .
in emotional side , it's a desire of both n woman to live togethr , to build a family , to share life together .
some pp see it as a traditional , old habit n w know what happened ion some societies of free cohabitation n single mothers but all these matters have so bad impact on relations n on societies too .
if someone not then we can only be amazed because its badly needed  in this era..
in a hidith our beloved prophet MUHAMMAD p.b.u.h says that those who can marry should marry and those who cant should fast as fasting abstain from sexual activities..
and one can raise new generation ,build new relations with other families,fulfill sexual desires without marriage but we have seen these societies who do so..they hav no social system,taking sleeping pills very common,psychological disorders a lot and rape cases a lot..
so OUR CREATOR knows the best way for us..

And one more thing ....before u get married...plz read an authentic book which tells u about "Biwi kay hukook" if ur a man...and if ur a women read "hokar kay hukook" taakay aap apnay husband ya wife pay koi zulm ka karain...kuinki Allah paak is not in the least zaalim....aur woh zulm karnay waloon ko pasand nahin karta....aur jispar zulm hota hai uskay aur Allah kay beech koi deewar nahin hoti....agar uskay dil say koi aah nikli...toa woh zulm karnay waalay ko zaroor lagti hai....thats a guarantee from Allah....so dont do anything to anger him....cuz agar woh badla laynay pay aayega...toa saatoon zameen aur aasmaan ki taakat  milkar bhi us shaks ko bacha nahin sakti....i know two publication houses which are authentic....but u should always check khud say...ek hai" Darussalam publication " aur ek hai "International Islamic Publication House "....koi bhi help chahiye feel free..humko khushi hogi if Allah paak chooses me as the zariya to help someone...jazakallah hu khairan.....assalam-o-alaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuhu....chow chow !!! ::smile

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