November 11, 2010

Sunnah Of Mohammad(PBUH) & Modern Science

Hadees About Hajj ^*^

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said,
"Whoever performs Hajj (pilgrimage)
and does not have sexual relations (with his wife),
nor commits sin,
nor disputes unjustly (during Hajj),
then he returns from Hajj as pure and free from sins
as on the day on which his mother gave birth to him.''
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
And pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon men for the sake of Allah,
upon everyone who is able to undertake the journey to it [ 3:96 Quran]

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: 
The Messenger of Allah Muhammad [Peace be upon him] said,: 
"Whoever performs the Hajj and commits no lustful act during it nor disobeys Allah 
(in any other way) shall return from it as pure and sinless as he was at the time of his birth." Bukhari & Muslim 
"From one Umra to another (i.e. the two Umras) become an atonement for the sins committed during the period intervening between them and the reward on Hajj-e-Mabroor (i.e. pure and untainted Haj) is paradise itself and nothing less."Bukhari & Muslim
"Those who make the pilgrimage for the Hajj or Umra are the guests of Allah. 
The petitions[duas] they make will be granted and if they seek deliverance from sins, 
their sins will be forgiven."Ibn-Maja

It is related by Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: 
The Messenger of Allah Muhammad [Peace be upon him] said,:
"Any one who Allah has given enough to perform the Haj, and he also has a conveyance which can take him to the House of Allah. If he still fails to do so then it does not matter
 whether he dies a Jew or Christian, and it is so because Allah has said: 
Pilgrimage to the House (of Allah) is a duty men owe to Allah – those who can afford the journey." Hadith-Tirmizi

DEATH may occur at any time, so if HAJ is compulsory on you ……

Abu Hurairah (RadhiAllaho anho) reported:
The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) was asked:
"Which deed is the best?''
He (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) replied,
"Faith in Allah and His Messenger.''
Then he (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) was asked:
"What is next?''
He (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) replied,
"Jihad (holy fighting) in the Cause of Allah.''
Then he (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) was asked,
"What is after that?''
He (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) replied,
"Hajj Mabrur (an accepted pilgrimage).''

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) states that
Messenger of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wa sallam) has said:

“The Haji and one who performs Umrah are the
Ambassadors of Allah (Subhanhu Watala).
If they beseech Him,
He (Jalla Jalalahu) would respond to them,
and if they seek His forgiveness
He (Subhanhu Watala) would forgive them.”

( Ibn Majah )


November 9, 2010


This guide provides healthy eating tips : 

Eat less meat. In your diet reduce the frequency and the serving-size of red meat portions. 

Try not to eat meat more than once a day and preferably less often.

Whenever you are going to eat meat, try to select lean cuts and remove all visible fat before eating. 
Grill the meat rather than fry.

Add more poultry and fish to your meals. Avoid sausage, frankfurters, bologna and other processed meats because they are usually high in fat.

Reduce severely the amount of cream, butter, cream cheese and ice- cream that you consume. 
Choose semi-skimmed milk or pour off the cream before having it.

Eat only those dairy products, which have low fat such as skimmed milk, cottage cheese and yogurt. 
Use soft margarines that are high in polyunsaturates.

Restrict the number of eggs to no more than three per week.

Avoid more consumption of commercial biscuits and cakes because these are made with hard fats.

As the cooking oil, use only the recommended oils such as corn, soya, or olive.

For the sake of your teeth, reduce intake of heavily sweetened foods such as sweets and biscuits.

Eat some fresh fruits every day. And if possible eat fruits at or after every meal.

Eat more vegetables, particularly peas and beans - fresh or dried - 
because they are a very good low-fat source of protein.

Eat wholemeal bread as your staple food. Eat wholemeal breakfast cereals. 
Take extra bran if the rest of your daily diet is rather refined.