June 18, 2011

Flu Home Remedies

Flu Remedies to Kill the Flu Bug

If there is any one thing that can get a good man down, it is the flu! The runny nose; the congestion; the fevered brow; the body ache -- the flu can really kill your spirits. Moreover, it refuses to scoot in less than a week. What do we do about it? Are there any flu remedies that work wonders?

The Oldest Flu Remedies in Town

If you ask me, the best of the flu remedies is taking lots of rest. When I was younger, my mom would literally make me sleep the flu away. Then again, who can escape from chicken soup? Chicken soup has been used time and again to make flu patients feel a little healthier. And it does work!

Chicken Soup - Flu Remedies

Drinking lots of fluids is recommended to a flu patient. You could try anything, from soups (I already mentioned chicken soup) to juices to just plain water. Orange juice and lime juice are great flu remedies because they are loaded with Vitamin C. You may not get immediate results, but these are recommended flu remedies.

Flu Remedies to Help the Symptoms

If your nose is blocked, use pillows to elevate yourself while you sleep. If you have a sore throat, the salt water gargle is one of the top flu remedies. Lubricate your runny nose with a moisturizer or cream if it is beginning to feel sore. To eliminate nasal congestion, soaking your feet in hot water will help. The feet may be far away from your nose, but it will give you immense relief. Among the top flu remedies ever is the back rub. It is a surefire solution to body ache and congestion when you are down with the flu. Even a warm showers are good flu remedies as they help ease body aches and congestion.

Flu Remedies From the Kitchen

Ginger Tea - Flu Remedies

Ginger tea is one of my favorite flu remedies. It helps relieve congestion in the nasal passage and provides great relief. Garlic tea is also believed to be quite a great help. I have also been told that a sage tea gargle helps relieve a sore throat. Echinacea is another herb that is used in a number of great flu remedies.

Flu Remedies: What to Avoid

I have been told that it is not at all a good idea to go on an alcohol trip when bitten by a flu bug. This is because alcohol dehydrates the body, and you need to keep it hydrated. Dairy products should also be avoided as they end up producing more mucus. And while you are at it, reduce your smoking as it makes you more prone to the flu by damaging the respiratory tract.

Do note that the flu is extremely infectious. Ideally, you should stay cooped up at home. Be a couch potato for a change. Do your bit to stop the flu bug from spreading among your friends and colleagues.