April 25, 2011

-Names of ALLAH -

  1. ALLAH- The proper name of ALLAH. Whoever reads this name of ALLAH 1000 times daily, all doubts and uncertainities will be removed from his heart and instead, determination and faith will become inborn in him- Insha-ALLAH
  2. AR-RAHMAN- The Compassionate. If this Ism is recited 100 times daily after ever salah, if ALLAH wills, hard-heartedness and negligence will be removed from the reciter's heart.
  3. AR-RAHEEM- Most Merciful. If recited 100 times daily, the reciter will be safeguarded from all calamities and the entire creation will become affectionate to him Insha-ALLAH
  4. AlMalik- THE SOVEREIGN. If recited abundantly after Zawaal, the reciter will be given abundant wealth Insha-ALLAH.
  5. AL-QUDDUS- THE HOLY ONE AND THE ONE WHO IS FREE FROM ALL BLEMISHES. ALLAH will cure all spiritual sicknesses from the one who recites it abundantly daily Insha-ALLAH.
  6. AL-SALAM- GIVER OF PEACE OR THE ONE WHO IS IMMUNED FROM ALL DISTRESS. Anyone who recites this Isma continually, ALLAH will protect him from all calamities. If reace 115 times and blown on a sick person, Insha-ALLAH his health will be restored.
  7. Al-MU'MIN- GIVER OF PEACE. Whoever says this Ism 630 times in times of fear, ALLAH will protect him from all calamities, mishaps and losses.
  8. AL-MUHAYMIN- THE GIVER OF PROTECTION. Anyone who offers 2 rakaat salaah and reads this Ism sincerely for 100 times, ALLAH will purify him physically and spiritually. It is also said by some scholars that ALLAH wil acquaint one with the unseen if one reads it 115 times.
  9. AL-AZIZ- THE MIGHTY. Anyone who says this name 40 times each day for 40 days, ALLAH will grant him honour and self-sufficient.
  10. AL-JABBAR- THE COMPELLER, THE OVER POWERING LORD. Anyone who recites this name 226 times each morning and each evening, will be safe guarded from oppression of tyrants and despots Insha-ALLAH.
  AL-MUTAKABBIR- THE SELF-GLORIOUS. The constant reciter of this name will   be granted honour and greatness.
Al-KHALIQ- THE CREATOR. If one forms a habit of reciting it, ALLAH appoints an angel who will worship on his behalf.

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