April 25, 2011

Islamic Quotes: 14 ways to Happiness l

 LEARN TO RECEIVE BLESSINGS.   Think of the little things that make you happy or the people that give you assurance where you're good at. This is called receiving. Most of us have reasons to be happy,only that we don't see them or we take them for granted. We need to have little eyes and little hearts too, and realize that all things that make us happy have been there all along.

HAVE SOMEBODY TO TURN TO.   Even if you're in turmoil, there are people who will support you. But often we stick with people who make us very unhappy. If you're unhappy, seek people who will nurture you or look for a partner who will serve as a well-spring of inspiration.

BE HOPEFUL.   Hoping is better than being optimistic since it's whole and real. Because sometimes, one's optimism can be a denial of hardship .  It's easy to be optimistic about things, but inside you,you're anxious about them. Hoping is deeper. It's something you look forward to even when you recognize the difficulties and pains. The more hopeful a person is, the more he recognizes how bad the situation is, and lets himself to bear it. In the end, he knows it will bear good results. You don't deny difficulties. You're touching ground instead.

KEEP THE FAITH ALIVE.   There'll be points in your life when you can't handle problems alone. Think about SOMEONE who's more powerful,and who loves you dearly to take care of you. Having faith in ALLAH will give you hope.

SHARE YOURSELF.   You can actually give intangible gifts even without your conscious effort. People will tell you later that you've helped them, and gradually, you will feel you're making a difference in their lives. That's a deeper gift. When you help others, they affirm you by saying, "You're good." Then you realize that you're a good person and your goodness is not merely based on meeting deadlines or getting a raise. It's more of proving your self-worth based on being loved for who you really are and not simply for the result you can deliver or the money you can contribute to the company. This strengthens your positive attitude towards difficulties in life.


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