April 25, 2011

14 Ways to Happiness

ACCEPT THE PAINS.  You must get in touch with your situation. Sometimes people deny their hardship, thinking that if they don't face them, they will be happier. But it's the other way around. Allow yourself to go through the pains.

CHOOSE NOT TO STAY IN PAIN.  They say this is "self-empowerment". You can either be bitter about the pains and feel very powerless. Or you can do something and feel powerful enough to handle them. It's a choice to live with or without pain

FORGIVE YOURSELF, OTHER PEOPLE.  But before forgiveness comes in, think about how other people hurt. Then realize that you can see yourself for what you actually are and not how they want you to be. So finding happiness is no longer rooted outside, but it's inside you - what you see, how you view things, what you want. Then it leads to your choice : to live your life with yourself.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE.  We sometimes allow ourselves to let other people, circumstances, or pains in the past to rule our lives. So we become very unhappy and very bitter because we live blaming others on who we are, where we're at, or how we should be. It's an exhausting process because you'll forever be blaming other people. Don't be bothered by what others think who you are or the standards they set.  Take responsibility for your life.

LEARN TO LET GO AND TRUST YOURSELF.   To be happy means learning to let go of expectations from yourself or from other people. You can't always have your way. At work, you can't always be sure your strategies will work or your plans will happen. But before you let go,have a deeper trust in yourself.


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