May 15, 2011

l---Abdest Of Wadu---l

Asalamu alykum
Insha’allah everyone will learn how to perform Abdest!!!
welcome this is a detialed step by step tutorial on how to perfrom abdest, insha’allah this will help some people to learn how to perfrom abdest,  i want to make sure they know how to take Abdest, so below is a step by step guide on how to take abdest and pictures showing each step.
Abdest  is a form of cleanlines that consists of rinsing and rubing certain part’s of ones body, in accordance with the rules of Islam.Many devotional acts cannot be performed without abdest. for instance one who does not have abdest is neither permitted to perfrom Namaz nor to walk around the holy Ka’bah.

(make sure to say Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim before you start)
step 1- Washing your hands- wash both hands up to your wrists. make sure that the water goes between your fingers
step 2- Washing your mouth- take water into your mouth three times using your RIGHT hand. Rinse your mouth well each time before spiting out the water
step 3- sniffing water up your nose- take water slighty up your nostrils by sniffing once agian three times, using you right hand
step 4- Washing your face- bring your two hands together and use a handfull of water to wash your face three times, from your forehead to the bottom of your chin, adn then along the sides up to your ears
step 5- Washing your arms: wash your right and left arms.up to your elbow three times
step 6- Wiping your head- wet your right hand, and wipe at least one fourth of your hand with it
step 7- Wiping your ears- wet your hands andwipe the inside of your ears with the tips of the little finger, and wipe the back of your ears from top to bottom with your thumbs.
step 8- Wiping the nape of your neck- wipe the nape and sides of your neck with the back of your wet hands
step 9- Washing your feet- wash both feet, starting with the right one including the ankles, with the help of your left hand, Make sure water goes between your toes
If you didnt know, there are some things that can cancel your Abdest some of these things are-
  • Impurities that come out from one’s body, such as urine, blood, semen, feces and other such impurities
  • flowing out of one’s body pus , etc.
  • to vomit a mouthfull
  • to become insane
  • to faint
  • to break wind
  • to fall asleep in a lying down position
  • to laugh in a degree that somebody eles could hear you during you Namaz

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