May 17, 2011

~*Dua Supplications~*


1) Dua at times of grief:

Laa ‘Ilaaha ‘illaa ‘Anta subhaanka ‘inee kuntu minadh-dhaalimeen.

“There is none worthy of worship but You,glory is to You. Surely, I was among the wrongdoers.”

2) When calamity strikes

Ιnaa lillaahe wa innaa ilayhe raji’oon

To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return

Supplications for morning and evening

Allahumma bika ‘asbahnaa, wa bika ‘amsaynaa, wa bika nahya, wa bika namootu wa ‘ilaykan-nushoor.

O Allah, by You we enter the morning and by You we enter the evening, by You we live, and by You we die and to you is the final return.

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