September 11, 2011

What is Ajwain (Carom)?--Health Benefits Of Ajwain(Carom)---(Carom, Ajowan, Bishop’s Weed, Ajwan; falsely)

What is Ajwain? Ajwain is a herb also known as Bishops Weed. This beneficial herb is used in culinary process as spice as well as a major ingredient of different kind of medicines. Ajwain seeds are small in size but taste hot, penchant and bitter. It acts as good appetizer, laxative and stomachic. It is used as effective remedy in managing ailments like vomiting, mouth diseases, pile, treatment of ascites, abdominal tumor, abdominal pain etc.
Here are the few health benefits of Ajwain:
  • Ajwain is very useful in alleviating spasmodic pains of the stomach and intestines, in adults as well as children. Any colicky pain due to flatulence (gas), indigestion and infections in the intestines can easily be relieved by taking one teaspoonful of Ajwain along with 2-3 pinches of common salt in warm water.
  • In an acute attack of common cold or migraine headache, put Ajwain powder in a thin cloth and smell this frequently. It gives tremendous symptomatic relief according to some Ayurvedic experts.
  • Ajwain is a very good digestive. It can be taken with buttermilk to alleviate digestion related problems. It is a good anti-acidic agent.
  • If you have chronic bronchitis and asthma, take the mixture of Ajwain and jaggery, heat it to make a paste and take 2 teaspoonfuls twice a day. However, diabetics should not take this preparation because of the sugar content. It helps to bring out the mucus easily and alleviates chronic bronchitis and asthma to great extent. It also helps in chronic cold.
  • If people who consume excessive alcohol develop discomfort in the stomach, taking Ajwain twice a day, will be very useful. It will also reduce the craving and desire for alcohol.
  • Taking one teaspoon of Ajwain with hot water stimulates the heart and relieves heartache.
  • Ajwain oil can help in relieving ear ache with just one or two drops in the ear.
  • Ajwain oil can also be used to massage legs and knees to get relief from pain from arthritis. It is beneficial in treatment of rheumatic and neuralgic pain.
  •  The smoke of burning Ajwain seeds is effective in treating toothache. Gargle with lukewarm water prepared by boiling of Ajwain and little salt two to three times a day, it cures tooth pain.
  • Ajwain is very effective in curing cough. Drinking hot water after chewing little Ajwain cures cough. Chewing betel leaf with Ajwain at night before sleeping controls and cures dry coughing.
  • A tablespoon of crushed Ajwain tied up in a small cloth bundle can be used for inhalation. It also relieves nasal congestion while sleeping when placed near the pillow.
  • A person suffering from influenza should drink the boiled water with 3gms of Ajwain and 3gms of Cinnamon bark for 3 days, thrice a day. This helps curing influenza to a great extent.

Ajwain Herbal Remedies
Some of the common herbal remedies of ajwain seeds are as follows -

  • During Pregnancy- In some regions, ajwain seeds are taken during pregnancy. The seeds are taken with gaud as it is believed that it purifies the blood and reduces lumbago.
  • Venomous insect bite In traditional Vedic medicine, paste of ajwain seeds is mentioned as a remedy for venomous insect bite such as scorpion bite, as it has pain killing properties.
  • ToothacheAjwain fumes are also inhaled to cure toothache, which is caused by decaying tooth.
  • HiccupsTo instantly stop hiccups, ajwain seeds are taken with one or two sips water.
  • Kidney stone Ajwain seeds are taken regularly with vinegar or honey for a week. This remedy removes kidney stone with the urinal flow.
  • Stomach tonicAjwain seeds soaked in water for a night and its water is taken next morning. This helps in stomach diseases as it cures digestion and acute dyspepsia.
  • AcidityDry roast one teaspoon of ajwain seeds and cumin seeds. Add to it one cup of water and bring it to boil and strain it. Add some sugar and take one teaspoon as a remedy for indigestion and acidity.
The ajwain seeds are tiny in size. It taste bitter, hot, penchant, laxative, appetizer, stomachic, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac. The seeds can cure certain mouth and heart diseases, vomiting, ascites, piles, abdominal tumor and pain. It should be taken in small doses as in some people, it can cause skin irritation.


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