May 3, 2011

Quran Benefits --2

51 Suratudh Dhariyaat 

Water - Remedy for backache
Taweedh - Pregnancy and delivery easy 
Easy death 

52 Suratut Tur 

Taweedh â?‚?' good health in children 
Safety from anger of Allah 
Release from bondage 

53 Suratun Najm 

Courage and respect
Upper hand in discussions 

54 Suratul Qamar 

Ease of difficulties
Respect of people if kept with one during Jumua' salaa 

55 Suratur Rahmaan (Bride of Qur'an) 

Cures eye problems 
Removal of hypocrisy from the heart
May ask forgiveness for whoever one wants
Safety angel appointed 

If written on wall, keeps away household pests 

56 Suratul Waaqia 

Loved by Allah and people 
Safety from poverty
Forgiveness of sins if recited on deathbed
Sustenance increased if read no of times as lunar date 

57 Suratul Hadid 

No punishment if read with Suratul Mujadila in wajib salaa 
Release from imprisonment
Safety in war Makes one courageous 

58 Suratul Mujadila 

Tawidh - Shafa of illness 
Protects whatever is buried in the ground
Ease to resltlessness
Safety from Jinn & men
If recited on sand and thrown towards enemy â?‚?' overcome 

59 Suratul Hashr 

Water â?‚?' good for memory retention and concentration
Ayaat 21-24 3x with hand on joint pain
Ayaat 21-24 for earache 
Salaams from all creations
If recited with Suratur Rahmaan, angel appointed to protect at all times 

4 raka salaa â?‚?' Suratul Hashr after Suratul Hamd â?‚?' important work successful
If recited 40 days â?‚?' even hardest task becomes easy 

60 Suratul Mumtahana 

Increases vision
Protection from insanity
Water â?‚?'cure for ailments 
If recited in wajib salaa â?‚?' heart filled with eiman 

61 Suratus Saff 

Safety on journey 

62 Suratul Jumua' 

Safety from Shaytan
Safety from all danger 

63 Suratul Munafiqun 

Cure for any aches and pains 
Freedom from shirk and hypocrisy 

64 Suratut Taghabun 

Intercession to Janna if recited in wajib salaa 
Safety at time of death
Protection from tyranny 

65 Suratut Talaq 

If recited with Surat Tahreem, protection on Qiyama
Inspiration to do sincere tawba 

66 Suratut Tahreem 

Water â?‚?' cure for diseases
Cures insomnia
Calms agitation 
Clears debts 

67 Suratul Mulk (Munjiya) 

Thawab of doing ibada on Laylatul Qadr
Will remove reciter from Jahannam
Protection of Allah
Recitation on Eid gives thawab of allnight ibada 
Safety from fear in grave
Relief for marhum/a who has just died
Intercession for memoriser in Qiyama 

68 Suratul Qalam 

Tawidh on painful part - Alleviates pain 
No financial difficulties 

69 Suratul Haaqqaa 

Safety in pregnancy
Improves child's intellect and memory 
Sign of eiman
Easy accounting on Qiyama
Reciter will never loose religion 

70 Suratul Ma'aarij 

Covering of sins
Safety from Shaytan 
Release from imprisonment 

71 Suratu Nuh 

Will not die until sees place in Janna 
Hajat answered straight after recitation 

72 Suratul Jinn 

Protection from Jinn
Protection from unjust people
Safety from poverty
Upperhand in confrontations
Debts paid
Safety of possessions 

73 Suratu Muzzammil 

Protection from insanity 
Purity of heart
Forgiveness â?‚?' recite 100x 
Fulfilment of hajat
Prevents slavery by people 

74 Suratu Muddathir 

Protection from misfortunes
Hajat fulfilled if dua after recitation
Will not die until memorised Qur'an if dua for memorisation done with recitation of sura 

75 Suratul Qiyama 

Water â?‚?' safety from heart ailments 
Raised with radiance on Qiyama 
Increase of sustenance
Protects life and possessions
Liked by people 

76 Suratud Dahr (Insaan) 

Water â?‚?' heart ailments 
Victory in war 

77 Suratul Mursalat 

Water+onion juice â?‚?' cure for aches and pains
Tawidh â?‚?' helps to combat oversleeping 
Always victorious over enemies 

78 Suratun Naba 

Water â?‚?' stomach problems
Reciter not overcome by sleep if wishes to stay awake
Eye problems â?‚?' recite after 'Asr 

Daily recitation guarantees visit to Ka'ba 
Safety and ease in journey 

79 Suratun Naazhiaat 

Safety in a dangerous place 

80 Suratul 'Abasa 

Recite with Suratut Takweer to be under shade of Prophet (.) in Janna 
Success in all endeavours
Safe journey 

81 Suratut Takweer 

On rose water and applied to eyes for ailments of eyes 
Rahma on Qiyama 

82 Suratul Infitar 

Recite and blow gently into eyes for cure 

Forgiveness of sins even if much as raindrops 
Protection from humiliation
Release from imprisonment
7x for hajat 

83 Suratul Mutaffifeen 

Recite on child who cries a lot 
Safety from Jahannam
No accounting 

84 Suratul Inshiqaq 

Easy delivery of child 7x
Cure for poisonous bite 

85 Suratul Buruj 

Tawidh - To wean child of breast milk
Protection of Allah 
Safety from danger
Safety from one who speaks evil 

86 Suratut Tariq 

Recite over medicine before taking
Water â?‚?' if poured over wound â?‚?' shifa 
Honour with Allah if recited in wajib salaa 
Recite over food for safety from harm 

87 Suratul 'A'laa 

Memory retention
Relief of ear pain 
Entry through any door of Janna 
Safety on journey 

88 Suratul Ghashiya 

Calms frightened and crying child
Pain relief
Easy accounting in Qiyama 
Removes bad effects of food 

89 Suratul Fajr 

Nur on Qiyama 

90 Suratul Balad 

Tawidh â?‚?' safety for child from illnesses
Cure for nose ailments 
Safety from anger of Allah 

91 Suratush Shams 

Water â?‚?' Fever 
Increase in sustenance, popularity & courage
To remove intense grief â?‚?' 7x with Suratul Layl

92 Suratul Layl

Inspiration of good deeds
?‚¼ of the Qur'an if read in Eisha Salaa 
15x â?‚?' One will dream about what pleases one most 

93 Suratudh Dhuha 

Allah's pleasure 
Find missing person or something lost 

94 Suratul Inshira 

Water - Kidney and heart ailments
3x on boils
Relieves chest pains 
Yaqeen in deen 

95 Suratut Teen 

Palace in Janna 
Evil effects on food removed
For lost thing to be found 7x 

96 Suratul 'Alaq 

Thawab of shaheed 
Safety from accidents
Safeguarding treasure 

97 Suratul Qadr 

Ailments of eyes 
10x â?‚?' 1000 sins forgiven
1x â?‚?' fasting for a month
In wajib salaa â?‚?' all sins forgiven 

Increase in sustenance
Safety from enemies
Debt payment
Pious children â?‚?' 7x on spouse
11x â?‚?' safety at night
7x on grave â?‚?' marhum/as sins forgiven 

98 Suratul Bayyina 

Water â?‚?' cure for all ailments
Safety from miscarriage 

Protection of eiman
Acceptance of a'maal 21x 
Removal of ill effects of food 

99 Suratuz Zilzal 

Sees nur of Janna at death 
Safety from tyrants
Safety from natural disasters
Easy death 

100 Suratul Aadiyaat 

Equivalent to reciting entire Qur'an 
Clear debts
Safety from fear
Find sustenance 

101 Suratul Qaria 

Safety from Jahannam 
Business booster
Water â?‚?' unwanted pests 

102 Suratut Takathur 

Cure for headaches 
Thawab of shaheed
Recite in 'Asr salaa for protection 

103 Suratul 'Asr 

Stomach ailments â?‚?' 10x
Nur on Qiyama
Increase in eiman 

Safety from tyrant if recited in Eisha salaa 

Nur on Qiyama
Increase in eiman 

Safety from tyrant if recited in Eisha salaa 

104 Suratul Humaza 

Eye ailments â?‚?' blow gently into eye 

Safety from poverty if recited in wajib salaa
Easy death
Protection from 'evil eye' 

105 Suratul Feel 

Safety from enemies
Problem solver 

106 Suratul Quraysh 

Heart ailments 
Ill effects of food removed
Sustenance easier to find if recited before sunrise 

107 Suratul Maaun 

Acceptance of salaa if read as part of salaa

If read 41x every day â?‚?' free from dependency on anyone
(Salawat 10x before and after) 

108 Suratul Kawthar 
Drink from Kawthar 

Suratul Kaafirun 

?‚¼ of Qur'an
Safety from shirk
Thawab of shaheed 

Safety in journey (with Nasr, Ikhlas, Falaq & Naas) 

110 Suratun Nasr 

111 Suratul Lahab 

Relief from backache 
Safety at night 

112 Suratul Ikhlas (Tawheed) 

1/3 of Qur'an
11x â?‚?' Palaces in Janna
100x â?‚?' 25 yrs sins forgiven 

Abundance in wealth
Safety in travelling Hajat
Protection from 'evil eye' 


Suratul Falaq 

Recited in wajib salaa in Ramadhan â?‚?' as though fasted in Makka and thawab of hajj 


Suratun Naas 

Tawidh â?‚?' protection of children from Jinn
Releif of pain â?‚?' fast cure when read on medicine 

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