September 4, 2011

Traditional Home Remedies

Power of Vegetables:

Beetroot is used traditionally as a blood building food. It has liver, spleen, gall bladder and kidney cleansing properties. Beetroot is particularly rich in Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Each capsule provides approximately 1-2mg of elemental iron The iron contained in beetroot is organic and non-irritating and will not cause constipation Beetroot is useful in acidosis due to it being rich in alkaline elements

Carrots contains large quantities of vitamin A, in the form of beta carotene. Carrot juice has anti-carcinogen properties. Thus, it helps prevent cancer. It is also believed to have cancer-curing properties. It also good for the skin. Carrot juice is like a tonic. It will improve the overall health of you and your child, and increase immunity. In fact, two glasses of carrot juice a day can increase your immunity by as much as 70%!

Power of Fruits:

  • The apple is a highly nutritive food.
  • It contains minerals and vitamins in abundance.
  • Apples are useful in kidney stones
  • Iron contained in the apple helps in formation of blood.
  • Raw apples are good for constipation.
  • Cooked or baked apples are good for diarrhea.
  • Apples are of special value to heart patients. They are rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in sodium. It is also useful for patients of high blood pressure.
The banana constitutes almost a complete balanced diet in combination with milk. It is known for promoting healthy digestion. The banana is used as a dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and blandness. It is the only raw fruit which can be eaten without distress in chronic ulcer cases. It neutralizes the over-acidity of the gastric juices and reduces the irritation of the ulcer by coating the lining of the stomach.
A beautician's secret, cucumber is excellent for facial skin. It also promotes the growth of healthy hair and nails. And of course, we all know the wonders that it performs on baggy eyes and dark circles. It contains vitamins like B and C, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

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